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Welcome to my studio

My name is Maureen Bachmann. I'm an assemblage and mixed-media artist based in Regina, SK. Following an 18-year career at Globe Theatre where I helped others to realize their creative dreams, I decided it was time to pursue my own. After taking an online assemblage class that promoted buying shiny new bits ’n bobs, I decided to pursue assemblage, but on my own terms. Thus, my stories of rejection, revelation, and reclamation are created mostly from second-hand materials found at thrift stores and garage sales, or acquired through donation from family, friends, and fans. While it can be challenging to work with a diverse yet limited supply of materials, I'm committed to reducing the environmental footprint of my art. You can find me selling my work at various shows in and around Regina.

From the blog

Sorry. Wrong number.

I’ve had a number of requests to share how I create my assemblage art.  I’m not quite set-up to create a video of the process but I did remember to take photos as I worked on this piece entitled, “Sorry.  Wrong number.” I haven’t been super-detailed or included a materials[…]

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My Hungry Soul

Until recently I created art with one goal in mind – to make it aesthetically pleasing.  I even joked that my artist statement should read, “I make pretty shit.”  But eventually that wasn’t enough for me.  Art fed my soul but my soul was hungry.  So I started experimenting in[…]

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